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  • The Wedding Symphony

    Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
    Vasant Kunj, Delhi 110070
    Ph.: 011-43265500, 7838542044
    Web.: sarahospitality.in

  • Personalities

    How often do people share the insights from their personal lives? Get to know who these celebs are in person and what views they have. There are two cool men, Kartik Aaryan and Raftaar, hot enough to be desirable with heart warmers like Tamannaah Bhatia and Esha Gupta going all chirpy about their career. Don't miss on the 007 celebs, ready to spy on you...

  • Jewellery

    A best friend to a woman, the jewellery never ceases to satisfy. For all the unsatisfied hearts anything is less. To make this less more, here is the jewellery from all era, red carpet and from the paintings to inspire you. If there's still some space in the heart left to get elated, then there is an array of head ornaments to go for this season. Others can still get...

  • Beauty

    Surprise him when he holds your hand with your creative nails doing the talking. From trendy nail arts to pampering your skin the organic way, embrace it all. Take the cues from the celeb beauty secrets and get that dream figure in the shortest span and the busiest schedule....

  • Fashion

    One needs to be on toes for either following a trend or leading one. To get you there is the return of the retro and some helpful hacks for you with the guide for a perfect dressing for a night out. You needn't be a night owl to get ready for parties...

  • Man's World

    If she is going to be the bride, he too is going to be the groom and it is equally happening and equally strange for him. Style up for the ceremonies on your side and get some man to man rescue. Man to Man- Manned up for the family meet? ...

  • Features

    You are well versed with what happens in your culture, but do you have any insights to what the rest of the nation does and follows? What are the essences on which their customs are based? Don't be the frog in the well from that childhood fable. Explore the...

  • Honeymoon Travel:

    If you are dreaming of an international destination to get hitched, wait no more. Here are the palatial properties to book for a memorable marital ceremony. Also, going for once in a lifetime experience is not much what your better half is demanding...

  • Home & Design

    Break from the traditional norms and move towards the quirkier things that have come up lately. The decor of the house you live in shows your inner side and the different shades of your personality. Add the punk, be amazed and let people know the quirky you...

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