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  • The Wedding Symphony

    Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
    Vasant Kunj, Delhi 110070
    Ph.: 011-43265500, 7838542044
    Web.: sarahospitality.in

  • Personalities

    This truly 'Made For Each Other' couple believes that being silent is better than becoming provoked. For Abhishek Manu Singhvi, one of the most successful lawyers of the country, and his ghazal singer wife Anita, the years gone by have deeply strengthened their ties. Due to Mr. Singhvi's high...

  • Jewellery

    On one hand the minimal is on the rise while on the other the gold is winning with its bold designs. They are simple, elegant and the statement pieces to go for. This wedding season, the stellar objects are ready to shower on you, just in the form of your jewellery ensemble. Yes, celestial blaze...

  • Beauty

    Too many things to do, but has somebody told you what not to do lately? Be cautious all the brides there, take peek into our list of the 'Not to Dos just a week before your wedding'. Look sizzling with these tips and flaunt the metallic hues from your makeup kit. In case you are wondering whether you are in shape for the wedding or not, then remember, that you are in shape, it's just the exercises that need ...

  • Fashion

    Here the colours that are going to rule the fashion industry this year—the twin shades of Pantone, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Pairing these colours up for a Greek inspired sweeping gown or a trench coat would make you top the list of the trend setters. Read on to know how it feels to be on the top in this Sartorial Heaven with Vikram Phadnis for past two and a half decades...

  • Man's World

    Ladies, we know that you dress up only for yourself, however, its time you dress down for your love. Be his Marilyn Monroe, the sizzling cat woman or a mermaid for a special night. And remember, you can dress up perfectly, but expecting the same in a relationship is impossible because 'Perfection...

  • Features

    Do you know of the Hindu weddings where there are no saat pheras? Or where the bride wears sindoor even before her actual marriage? If you haven't then read beyond, and know how peculiar the Assamese 'Biya' is. Before a marriage there few things that every family looks into—the kundali...

  • Honeymoon Travel:

    In this love struck month, what could be better than the castles to visit which have enclosed perpetual love stories? And before you hop on to fly for these destinations for your honeymoon, you need a lavish destination for the best wedding to take place. If India is your choice, then there's no doubt on why...

  • Home & Design

    We take you homing in to the artistic abode of Tisca Chopra and Captain Sanjay Chopra, where every corner has a story to tell. Get the green tints this season welcoming the blooms into your house as Spring knocks the door. Create a green corner and experience its rejuvenating effects on your soul...

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